Thursday, April 21, 2005

On a lighter note

That last post was a little heavy for me, so I thought I'd better place something a little lighter at the top of the page. A few of my other thoughts from today:

  1. I really like the Hit List station in the digital music station on cable.
  2. I am really bad at paying bills. This month, I forgot the cable bill and the electric bill and my gym bill.
  3. I'm also bad at getting paid. I finally sent an invoice for an article I submitted on February 21st.
  4. Cable is becoming a commodity. Consumers see little difference between DSL vs cable modems and satellites vs cable. They have very few true points of differentiation. These companies must get closer to the consumer and develop a relationship or at a minimum, a connection of some sort. I'm ready to ditch my cable company for something less expensive. This is bad. Really bad coming from someone who spent 16 years in the industry.
  5. Socks. I have a new story idea about socks. I spent two hours typing a bunch of smelly stuff related to socks, still no story. Then, I hopped in the car to get Sarah from school. A sock poem wrote itself as I drove. Good thing I had paper.
  6. Have you seen these socks? They are sooo cute! I bought my niece some for her birthday. Thanks to my cyber friend, Judy, for telling me about them.
  7. We sent my niece four separate packages for her eighth birthday. First, a card that the girls made out of a paper lunch sack. Second, a computer journal and a book on how to create books. Third, a "make your own garden" set--a clay pot, paints and brushes for painting the pot, dirt and seeds. (Yep, actually mailed dirt!) Fourth, some of the Little Miss Matched socks (see #6). The girls want to trade her socks.
  8. We will need to stay busy tomorrow because
  9. I'm a little nervous about
  10. My critique with the editor this weekend! I'll post about the conference when I have time...probably Saturday night or Sunday.


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