Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Books and Ice Cream

Have I mentioned that each child in A's class had to read 400 books this school year? We have just finished book 305. Only 95 left to read in less than one month! No biggie--except that if we fail to read all these books, she misses out on the first grade ice cream party.

I'm sure we've read more than 305, but I kept forgetting to write some of them down. At any rate, we (I say "we" because in first grade, the parents must read with the child since they are just learning to read) have read a ton of picture books and early chapter books. I've had enough Junie B to last a lifetime--which is not fair since I have two daughters who are younger than Abby. We are enjoying the American Girl books.

It's been great fun for me --with a great side benefit being that it has helped my writing. Personally, I was thrilled to learn that the Harry Potter book I'd preordered at will arrive on release day. You never know what I'll be up to and how easy it will be to get to the store that day. Let's just hope that I'm not on jury duty. Yes, I've been called to jury duty for a "special trial lasting up to 10 weeks." Not good. What stay-at-home-mom has childcare for 10 weeks in the summer? I've applied for the exemption, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


At 6:18 PM, Blogger Lauren said...

Hey Kim -

Just wanted to say thanks for linking to my site and for the nice comment in my journal. You rock.



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