Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A Few Random Thoughts

I woke up thinking about my picture book today. I was editing right where I left off last night. I think I'm on a roll now. I should be able to make lots of progress while S is at school today. I think I just need to look at preschool days as writing days and the others as pre-writing days. Maybe that will eliminate all the anxiety I feel when I'm not composing at my computer???

It's been a busy day already. Chris (that's my husband's name--I guess I just usually call him "my husband.") left for a sales call four hours away at 6 a.m. They'll call on a few clients and then return later this evening. It's a rainy, yucky day. Not a good day for driving.

I had a conference call at 9 a.m. for my real job, that's very much a part-time gig. It was over in 19 minutes, which was good since K and S both started screaming at about that time.

I just took my shower. Now, I'm catching up on my blog. We're off to swimming lessons in a few minutes. Then, a quick lunch and off to preschool. Somewhere in there, K will take one of her famous 45 minute power naps. Let's just hope it's while S is at school because I'm ready to get going on my picture book this afternoon.

I suppose if she's awake, I can always get some shopping done. I'm getting quite a Target list. I hate going there; I never leave without spending $100. I've been spending over $200/week at the grocery store too. That's $800 on groceries, plus about $400 at Target each MONTH. This is not good.

If that's not bad enough, I made three online purchases yesterday within 30 minutes: a game at Amazon.com. socks from Little Miss Matched and the Winsor Pilates DVD.


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