Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Projects, TV Viewing and Earrings

I finished up a version of Snow Day today and sent it off to my critique group. I think I may need to add some non-fiction material to the end, but I'll wait to hear what they think. While I patiently wait, I'm working on my early chapter book, I Send My Love.

Did you watch American Idol tonight? I still love Bo. Constantine, my other sweetie, was horrid. I'll hate to see him go. Carrie, ultra cool last week, was so, so sad. She looked like Tammy Wynette or some other country singer from the 70s whose singing is equally unmemorable.

I'm thrilled now that I know that watching reality TV is actually a writing activity...it's pop culture homework...and all writers need to be up on this!

Actually, I watch very little TV. Sad, considering I'm a former cable TV marketing exec. I do catch my fair share of Kim Possible, Raven, Brace Face, and my new favorite--The Suite Life of Zach and Cody.

I remember stating in my life before kids that I thought TV viewing was a waste of time. Who sits around and just watches TV? This was a long time ago, before laptops....well when laptops had as much memory as my cell phone does now.

My how things change. If only I had time to sit down and watch TV these days! Yes, I watched Idol tonight, but it was while I was walking with K, cleaning up the dinner mess, supervising four kids on the trampoline and looking for a lost earring that fell out on the trampoline when it was almost dark. We bailed on the earring and borrowed a new stud (earring, that is...the man I have is all I can handle!) from a neighbor.

Tomorrow, I need to take S out to buy her first pair of earrings! We needed to do that anyway; it's been about six weeks since she got her ears pierced. And, why didn't I have any earrings of my own to give her? Since having A, I'm allergic to mine. Ah, the joys of parenthood.


At 4:35 AM, Blogger Heather said...

I am a closet Reality TV fan too. Shhh. It is a closet thing. I live in a 2 channel universe - so life without cable means following American Idol (Go Bo!), The Amazing Race (Go joyce and Uchenna) and of source my perennial favorite - Survivor (Go Steph!). I wont touch the apprentice with a 10ft pole. That comb over is scary. Plus it cuts into my CSI time.

Good luck with your book submission! I cannot wait to see it!

At 1:20 PM, Blogger Kimberly Pauley said...

Heh, now I wind up with my laptop going, sitting in front of the TV. It's multi-tasking for the new generation. I just refuse to get anything like a blackberry...there's a limit as to how connected I need to be...


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