Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Word Chef

My crazy costume idea for the SCBWI national conference in August has taken on a new life.

I went to the SCBWI "Paint the Town Red" gala as "The Word Chef," with the intention of promoting all my author friends at Kidlit Central News. I wore a red chef's outfit with oven mitts, a spatula and a wire wisk tied around my waist and carried a plate of Zingers (red) with tiny book covers stuck in them.

It was fun--and a lot out of my comfort zone. I had the idea at the last minute, so I paid a small fortune to get the embroidered hat and apron sent to me on time. With all that cash spent, I knew I had to get another use out of that get up.

At the same time, I was looking for a way to connect with some young writers I know without seeming like that preachy mom/aunt/neighbor/friend.

From this, The Word Chef was born. The Word Chef offers writing tips for kids, in video and photo essay format. Everything is a cooking analogy, so the lessons are easy (and fun!) to remember.

I hope you'll stop by The Word Chef's blog--and help spread the word.

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