Saturday, July 16, 2005

What's New With Us

We had a busy week, but then again, that seems to be the norm around here. I took A to see Jesus Christ Superstar on Thursday. The show was phenomenal. The singing was awesome and the choreography and lighting set the tone. I think they could have gotten by without a set at all because these three elements were so strong. The cool part was that this show was locally-produced.

Last night, we went to the T-Bones game. This is a Northern League team (the website explains it as being a league for players who still want to play after being let go by major league teams). The T-Bones play in a two year old ball park with nice, spacious seating. Every seat is a good seat, but our seats were exceptional from the Mom Point Of View: we sat in the row right in front of the restrooms and we had lots and lots of snack options in our vicinity. A fell off her chair and smacked her head. She carried on with the crying and screaming for 1 1/2 hours. She got hit pretty hard, but I think she was exhausted. She had been at camp all day and we went straight to the game from there.

A's camp was a decorating camp. They painted a room and created a jungle theme. A drew and colored zebra stripes. All the kids got to make a fingerprint alligator. A's friend painted the coolest parrot. Each kid painted a drawer knob and a lightswitch plate. Awesome camp. Well worth the $$. And, an added bonus--the kids enjoyed snack time. A highlight was buying their own snacks. A took her little change purse and counted out her own change every day. Great money practice!

I still need to finish up my story. If all goes as planned, my husband will take the older two girls to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory while K naps and I write.


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